Is it okay to to keep my collection of artistic nude paintings hanging throughout my home?

While you say it’s only art, a nude painting can make some feel uncomfortable, particularly if they have children in tow. When selling a home do you want to make a home Buyer feel at ease in your home so they’ll consider purchasing your home? Of course you do, otherwise why would you be trying to sell your home?

No matter the collection you have on display in your home, it’s always best to neutralize your home. There are all kinds of collections; from nude paintings, to dolls, to politics, to hunting collections and these very personal items can clog a prospective home Buyer’s vision. You want them to be able to see themselves living in your home and when it’s amongst your collection, the odds are against that level of comfort being reached.

Pack up and store your nude paintings. Or put them on display at a local art gallery until you move into your new home where they’ll gracefully hang on your new home’s walls.

Can I call my home a 3 bedroom when the non-permitted 3rd “bedroom” we added is in the garage?

To you it seems like a 3 bedroom, I get it, however when a prospective home Buyer arrives to view your home, seeing a “bedroom” in a garage with no window will not set easy with them. They’ll feel like they’ve been tricked into coming and it will only tick them off. It’s much better to tell it like it is in your home’s listing description. This way, there are some that will consider such an option and will view it a lot more favorably, than being surprised upon stepping foot into your garage, when they were expecting to see a garage.

In addition, the whole non-permitted factor is another issue putting pressure on it being to your city’s local building code and affecting the appraisal value.

Do I have to reveal that my wife committed suicide in our home?

Who can imagine having to live through such a traumatic experience in one’s home. It’s overwhelming to even think of anyone having gone through such a tragedy and the last thing that you need is to have a law punish you any further. Fortunately, Florida law through Section 689.25 F.S. clearly says that if a property was a site of a homicide, suicide or death it is not a material fact what has to be disclosed. Material facts are those that affect a home’s value. A suicide is viewed as a stigmatized property and here in Florida it does not have to be revealed to a prospective home Buyer.

It’s important to note that I’m reporting on Florida law and laws can differ from state to state, so be sure to check your state’s law if you have such a question for a Realtor. Sell your house fast in Rockford Il.

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